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The 60 Year Success of the Chinese Communist Party…my recent article on China at www.atimes.com…

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Shanghai, China. January 2009.

Shanghai, China. January 2009.

Helsinki- My recent article on the success of the Chinese Communist Party for the Asia Times can be read here.

Yesterday the Chinese Communist Party celebrated its 60th anniversary with a massive parade in Beijing. When rain threatened the parade, the Chinese government attempted to control the weather itself.

An excerpt from my article:

There certainly was an overwhelming amount of pomp and formality on display, but in Chinese culture, 60 is one of the most important years to commemorate. According to the New Delhi-based China expert Bhaskar Roy, “[In China, 60] marks the completion of a life cycle and the beginning of a new one.”

A Chinese friend named Jiang told me the same thing as we taxied, bussed and motorcycled around the mountains of Guangdong province this past February. “The 60th birthday is the big one. Everyone comes to celebrate your birthday at your house,” Jiang said.

The “secret” of CCP’s success perhaps lies in its ability to adapt itself to changes of politico-social environment. Indeed, 60 years of rule has also transformed the CCP itself. It is no longer a revolutionary party but tries to attract elites from all social sectors to be its members. Today, the CCP boasts 75 million members out of the country’s 1.3 billion population.

Post Updated: An excellent and expansive piece with criticisms of the CCP can be ready by clicking here.


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