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Heat for Heating at Allvoices.com

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A woman walks around the 150 year old Uspenski Cathedral in downtown Helsinki, Finland on 6 December 2009.

Helsinki-Read my story on a database center heating homes in Helsinki at Allvoices.com

I became involved with Allvoices last week when I saw their posting on JournalismJobs.com

Allvoices, one of the largest global citizen journalism sites, recently hired 50 journalists from around the world to bring a wider range of stories and additional credibility to their  stories.

This is an exciting opportunity that will have me working on 2-3 stories a month for Allvoices, as well as continuing to freelance.

An excerpt from my story on the database servers:

“We have to be realistic. There is really no other choice. Our customers are forcing us to look at more environmentally friendly ways of doing business. And there is the saving cost. There is not any conflict between those areas. People believed a couple of years ago that being Green meant higher costs. This is not necessarily the way anymore.”


Written by Justin Vela

December 7, 2009 at 5:22 pm

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