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Save the Children t-shirt, pens, and notebooks sent to me from India. 7 January 2010.

HELSINKI-A package arrived at the apartment where I am crashed in Helsinki, Finland.

There were dozens of stamps. All across the right side of the package, which was was held together by red tape. Written on the back the sender’s address was in Patna, the capital of Bihar State, India.

The package was a Christmas present from Katie-ji, who traveled with me during some of my time in Bihar last August. She knew I had developed a fondness for Save the Children pens, which are attached to a convenient loop and can hang from your neck. Perfect for field research which involves a lot of shuffling of bags, cameras, notebooks, and who knows what else.

Villagers in the impoerished state of Bihar, India. August 2009.

Villagers in Bihar State, India. August 2009.

Katie-ji has also brought my attention to the new Save the Children India website. Check it out here.

Along with making my day, the pens will get good use in a few weeks as I work on stories about an ostrich farm and the Orthodox Brotherhood of Pokrova here in Finland. The notebooks I’ll save for the next piece of work on human trafficking that I do. The shirt I can simply look awesome in.

Katie-ji in rural Bihar, India. August 2009.


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January 7, 2010 at 10:30 am

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