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HELSINKI-One of my images from a story on human trafficking in rural Bihar, India is being used in a poster by the Bridge To Freedom Foundation in Washington DC.

Click here to see the poster. If your screen is small you might have to scroll down a bit.

You can also see the poster more directly by visiting the Bridge To Freedom Foundation Facebook page here.

Click here to download the poster directly.

The poster is also available as a flier which you can download here.

For more of my images related to human trafficking see the slideshow below.

Human trafficking is a subject I am attempting to continue with. In the course of my travels in the past two years I have identified several different trafficking hotspots which I would like to return to in order to explain the different ways that modern day slavery occurs and who is responsible. The end result for the project will be a website, book, and interactive gallery exhibition meant to educate the general public on what human trafficking is. I am currently looking for NGOs and other organizations to collaborate with on this work, as well as seeking editorial assignments.


Written by Justin Vela

January 9, 2010 at 9:14 am

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  1. […] For a slideshow of my photo work related to human trafficking please visit http://www.justinvela.com […]

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