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The tunnel leading to a WWII bomb shelter where the Finnish IT company Academica will store the country's first green database center. Helsinki, Finland. 4 March 2010.

Helsinki-Today I am doing an article on an eco-friendly database center in Helsinki.

This is my second article on the database center. The Finnish IT company Academica developed the idea with the energy company Helsingin Energia to use the heat created by the database center in Helsinki homes.

Academica’s Pietari Paivanen recently told me,  “There have been smaller implementations of similar systems. Data centers being used to heat parking lots. No one has conducted the heat towards a central heating system however.”

Earlier today I met Paivanen and Juha Sipilä from Helsingin Energia. They explained that this idea, while it makes use of pre-existing technologies, can be applied especially well in Helsinki because of the city’s extensive underground tunnel system. Interest is already growing however. Sipilä just returned from a EU commission sponsored trip where mayors from around Europe applauded the system. Already plans are being made for another database center in Helsinki which will provide heat for more homes.


Written by Justin Vela

March 4, 2010 at 2:05 pm

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