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Protests in Ukraine Follow Sevastopol Decision…

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HELSINKI-Protesters demonstrated in Kyiv today against the extension of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s lease over Sevastopol harbor.

My recent article on Sevastopol deals with many of these tensions.

In two trips to Sevastopol, it is clear that the city, and Crimea in general, feels that it is part of Russia. When people say “my country” they are talking about Russia not Ukraine. Separatism is usually the threat discussed with Crimea. I think that a higher concern is politicians in Ukraine and/or Russia turning Crimea into a some kind of rallying point. To focus on it for the sake of stroking tensions and producing conflict so people look to them as a leader.

Sevastopol, Ukraine. January 2010.


Written by Justin Vela

April 25, 2010 at 12:04 am

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