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Not just the PKK want to do the AKP harm…

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ISTANBUL -Please excuse the lack of posting lately.

I’ve been back in Turkey for more than a week after spending most of October in the Balkans.

Only a night after I returned a suicide bomber killed himself and injured 32 others in Istanbul’s Taxsim Square, only a few minutes walk from my flat.

You can read my article on the suicide bombing here

These types of attacks are not common in Turkey. When bombs do go off in Istanbul they generally happen in the outskirts. Suicide bombings are even more rare. There was uncertainty over who carried out the attack for several days before Turkish authorities announced the bomber had joined the PKK in 2004. A few days later the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) claimed responsibility for the attack.

TAK also carried out a June bus bombing in Istanbul that left five people dead. I wrote about that attack for the Guardian here. Turkish media was already blaming Kurdish rebels for the more recent attack before Taxsim was reopened. Yet there was more ambiguity from the government and even a vendor I interviewed who saw the attack did not immediately blame Kurds.

“Some forces do not want Turkey to be in peace,” Kaya said. “Maybe they wanted to frighten the government. It may be related to the Ergenekon trials or may be just because they wanted to terrorize people and generate fear. They might think that the government should come to harm.”

What does this mean?

The ruling AKP has been successful in making people believe that there are more people than the PKK that would like to damage the Turkish government. Turks do not have difficulty believing that it is not only the PKK that wants to harm AKP.


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November 9, 2010 at 2:59 pm

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