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ISTANBUL-It is the end of a year that began for me in Jerusalem and ended in Istanbul. Below is a personal selection of my top articles and unpublished photos from 2010. This year I worked in: Israel/Palestinian Territories, Finland, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Iraq, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Serbia. Click here for a list of my published work from 2010. Next year I plan to continue this energy with a continued focus on Turkey, the country where I am based, and break some new ground further afield. My most regular work from Turkey can be found with AOL News. I also cover Southeast Europe and Turkey in a daily list of political and economic news produced for Business New Europe (bne) magazine that is e-mailed out to subscribers.

I wish you a prosperous 2011!

A pin worn by members of the Unity of Soviet Officers organization in Sevastopol, Ukraine.

Crimea Watch, covering the Ukrainian election from the so-called “flashpoint” city of Sevastopol.

Latvia: An Angry, Whimpering Baltic Tiger, returning to a country I inadvertently spent a good deal of time in since 2005, I describe the effects of Latvia’s economic bust.

The Ketola ostrich farm in Rajamaki, Finland in February 2010.

A Quest for Finnish Ostriches, finally I get what’s coming to me from a flock of Finnish ostriches.

Protests in Istanbul, Turkey after Israeli commandos boarded a humanitarian flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip and killed nine Turks in the ensuing struggle.

Gaza flotilla attack: Autopsies reveal intensity of Israeli military force, reporting on the Mavi Marmara crisis between Turkey and Israel.

The mother of a PKK fighter who was allegedly killed by Turkish soldiers and his body mutilated wears the colors of the Kurdish flag at his funeral in Diyarbakir, Turkey on 5 July 2010.

Turkey’s dual cause in northern Iraq, Turkey’s attempts to influence Kurdish northern Iraq, includes an interview with PKK top commander Murat Karayilan.

Secularists forge indelible link to Ataturk, a popular tattoo expresses many Turk’s allegiance to its founder and opposition to the ruling government.

Helsinki data centre to heat homes, a truly great idea, a database center heats homes in cold Helsinki.

Does Hess’ Deportation Mean Turkey’s Tough on Journalists?, A U.S. activist/journalist gets deported from Turkey during a year which sees the country’s press freedom takes a dive.

On 19 September 2010 the Turkish-Armenian Orthodox Church held the first service in 95 years at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Akdamar Island. The controversial mass was marked by the refusal of Turkish authorities to place a cross a top the cathedral before the service.

Hopes and Frustrations Mark Lake Van Mass, Turkey allows Armenians to hold a mass in an ancient church, but withholds proper placement of the cross.

Serbia’s Sandzak at odds with Belgrade, in a long-form article I describe the conflict in Serbia’s Sandzak region, incorporating a previous visit in 2008.

As the global Muslim population grows, businesses in Turkey and across Europe are seeking to capitalize on the so-called "international Muslim lifestyle market." Photographed for bne magazine.

Turkey fashions a slice of the international Muslim lifestyle market, The world’s Muslim population is growing, making them a very attractive consumer market.


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