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The curious case of Ali Osman Zor…who Kyrgyzstan finally extradited to Turkey…

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Istanbul- Kyrgyzstan finally extradited Ali Osman Zor, a Turkish citizen with alleged links to al-Qaeda, to Turkey early this month.

Kyrgyzstan has handed over to Turkey a journalist suspected of belonging to an extremist organization with alleged links to Al-Qaeda, the Kyrgyz prosecutor general’s office said on Thursday.

“A Turkish national, Ali Osman Zor, was handed over to Turkey on August 4,” Talant Konokbayev, the press secretary for the prosecutor general’s office, told AFP.

Bishkek detained Zor on May 2 in response to a request from Turkey, where he is suspected of abetting militants. To protest against his arrest, he declared a hunger strike on July 8.

Full AFP article here

Virtually unknown in Turkey, why did the country ask Kyrgyz authorities to detain and then extradite Zor, a seemingly low-priority figure? Right groups in Kyrgyzstan have spoken out against the extradition, claiming Zor’s advocates were not notified beforehand.

I wrote about this curious case previously: here and here  

Turkey's political and economic influence is growing in Central Asia, with Turkish business spreading throughout the region and a government that prioritizes engagement.


Written by Justin Vela

August 12, 2011 at 6:36 am

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