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What makes a journalist in Turkey?

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Istanbul – Today, I had one of those fascinating interviews where you get so much good information and quotes that you know it won’t all fit into the piece.

Who the interview was with I will save for later. I am writing an article related to the never ending saga of arrested journalists in Turkey. These cases always make the Turkish government look bad in the eyes of its Western partners, but they keep coming up.

One question that is always asked, in Turkey, how does one define a journalist? So many people that are journalists in Turkey are working in multiple careers, some are also activists, for example, or lawyers even.

How do you feel about that? Can a person be a journalist and have journalistic credibility and be trusted to maintain those ethics while at the same time working in another career or having some type of connections that perhaps might make them want to advocate for a particular cause? For instance, by not reporting on certain events or leaving out certain facts that would do damage to the interests of their other career?

On the other hand, can one demand that all journalists maintain journalistic standards in Turkey if the government sets very clear lines on what can and cannot be reported on?

If you have any thoughts about this write me below or on Twitter @justinvela


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September 18, 2012 at 3:47 pm

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