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How to prepare for an interview

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How to prepare for an interview if you are a journalist? Especially the tricky ones that you might have waited weeks to get?

You might not know how long you will have for the interview. Maybe 30 minutes or an hour? Will the person be tired or grumpy?  You might have to make them want to speak to you.

It’s all about the questions. The questions must engage the interviewee and compel them to answer.

I also like to prepare for interviews by visualizing how they might go and drafting a list of questions.

Invariably everything turns out differently, but the more mental preparation that happens the easier it is to think on your feet.

Tomorrow, I have an interview that I have waited weeks for. It’s on a subject that I have followed for years now and has become personally important to me.

No, I won’t say who the interview is with. It’s a person I have met several times, but never formally interviewed. I am hoping this familiarity will allow for a frank and open discussion. Plus, I have some great questions.

We’ll see what happens.

Me getting interviewed in San Francisco.

How to prepare for an interview? I get interviewed at a radio station in San Francisco in December 2012. The interviewer did his homework. PHOTO: Alina Lehtinen


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April 3, 2013 at 5:27 pm

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  1. […] interview I blogged about preparing for the other day went pretty well. Over two hours of talking. Lots of coffee. Eventually […]

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