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December 2010

Audio story: Ringing in the New Year, Turkish-style [Southeast European Times]

Armenians Decry Kobe Bryant’s Deal With Turkish Airlines [AOL News]

Turkey fashions a slice of international Muslim lifestyle market [Business New Europe]

WikiLeaks: Iran Preys Upon Iraq [AOL News]

Turkey Tries Military Officers Accused in Overthrow Plot [AOL News]

Serbia’s Sandzak at odds with Belgrade [TransConflict]

Turkish delight comes with health warnings [Business New Europe]

Turkish PM Threatens to Sue US Over WikiLeaks [AOL News]

November 2010

Turkish ‘James Bond’ Takes on Israel and Mideast Strife [AOL News]

Muslim Holiday Eid al-Adha Begins With Sacrificial Lambs [AOL News]

Political Islam has many faces in Turkey [Asia Times]

Davutoglu in the Balkans…the best cevapi you’ll ever eat…the Sanjak of Novi Pazar… [Istanbul Alti]

Don’t Tread on Me [Transitions]

October 2010

32 Injured in Istanbul Bombing [AOL News]

Turkey Voices Reservations About Western Missile Defense [AOL News]

No confidence in Romania [Business New Europe]

Turkey in the Balkans….the Sanjak of Novi Pazar… [Istanbul Alti]

Beleaguered Kosovo Cheers Hillary Clinton [AOL News]

Turkey still not highly rated [Business New Europe]

Turkey pushes for bigger IPO market [Business New Europe]

Moldova can’t escape its communist past [Business New Europe]

September 2010

Empty Space on Akdamar. Archbishop Aram. [Istanbul Alti]

Hopes and Frustrations Mark Lake Van Mass [Transitions]

Turkey Allows Mass at Ancient Armenian Church But Sows Anger [AOL News]

Turkey Referendum Vote Is Big Win for Ruling Party [AOL News]

Turkish Public to Vote in Major Referendum [AOL News]

Turkey set to approve major reforms [The Telegraph]

Turkey backs constitutional reform [The Telegraph]

Investors cheer Turkey referendum result [Business New Europe]

August 2010

Cool Synergy: Water Warmed from Cooling New Data Center to Heat Helsinki Homes [Worldchanging]

Stuck in the Middle [Transitions]

Does Hess’ Deportation Mean Turkey’s Tough on Journalists? [AOL News]

US Journalist Jailed in Southeast Turkey Returning Home [AOL News]

Turkey Draws Fire for Detaining US Journalist [AOL News]

Uncertainty ahead as Turkey delays fiscal rule [Business New Europe]

US Missile Defense Radar: Homeless but Searching [AOL News]

Taking stock in Turkey [Business New Europe]

July 2010

Secularists forge indelible link to Ataturk [The National]

British PM Supports Turkey by Calling Gaza a ‘Prison’ [AOL News]

Turkey means business in Kurdistan [Asia Times]

Helsinki data centre to heat homes [The Guardian]

Terrorists threaten resorts in Turkey [Gulf News]

Turkey’s tourist resorts threatened with terrorist campaign [Europe News]

Terrorists threaten to hit Turkey’s tourist hotspots [Irish Independent]

Turkey’s tourist resorts threatened with terrorist campaign [The Daily Telegraph]

Turkey’s govt clears one obstacle to face yet more [Business New Europe]

Turkey’s dual cause in northern Iraq [Business New Europe]

Turkey Threatens to Cut Ties With Israel Over Raid [AOL News]

Thawing Relations? Israelis, Turks Hold Secret Talks [AOL News]

June 2010

Turkey Bans Israeli Flight Bound for Auschwitz [AOL News]

Turkish resilience in face of violence [Business New Europe]

Turkey’s Policies Shaken Up by Ire Against Israel [AOL News]

Kurdish`bomb kills five on fringes of Istanbul [Irish Times]

Five Dead as Blast Hits Military Bus in Istanbul [AOL News]

Kurdish rebels admit Istanbul bus bombing [The Guardian]

After Kurdish Attacks, Turkey Beefs Up Major Offensive [AOL News]

Estonia: The Baltic Exception [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Turkey Blocks Google Sites — Accidently? [AOL News]

The Estonian Exception [Transitions]

Iran to walk away from nuclear talks if sanctions agreed in next 48 hours [The Daily Telegraph]

Russian-Turkish Pipeline May Leave Out Israel [AOL News]

Losing Turkey: A Key US Ally Moves Away [AOL News]

Gaza flotilla attack: Autopsies reveal intensity of Israeli military force [The Guardian]

Gaza flotilla: Turkey accused of behaving like Iran by Israel [The Daily Telegraph]

Gaza flotilla attack: British activists tell of abuse by Israelis [The Daily Telegraph]

Gaza flotilla attack: British activists return [The Daily Telegraph]

Flotilla raid: Turkish jihadis bent on violence attacked troops, Israel claims [The Guardian; contributed reporting]

Auktyon’s Leonid Fedorov: Russia’s Rock Bard Strips Down [Photos for Nadamucho]

May 2010

Iran issue forces Turkey to a crossroads [Asia Times]

ISTANBUL – Turkey entertained United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Istanbul at the weekend and basked in praise for its efforts, along with Brazil, in securing a nuclear fuel swap deal for Iran.

Hot Idea [Monocle]

In a Second World War bomb shelter in Helsinki, a cunning new system has been devised to turn people’s growing reliance on computers into a way to heat their houses.

Controversy in the Monastery [Welcome to Finland]

In the kitchen, the makings of Pokrova’s famous borsch-carrots, garlic,beets, and onions-are spread across thewooden countertop. There are other,secret ingredients, but they are known only to Pokrova’s founder Father Hariton Tuukkanen, a former Helsinki restaurateur and chef.

A Quest for Finnish Ostriches [Welcome to Finland]

Ostriches are from Africa.

Or so I thought. The limitations of this thinking becomes rather quickly apparent when you are in the middle of the Finnish countryside, in the village of Nurmijärvi, about a forty minute drive from Helsinki, being swarmed by a flock of these birds who think your jacket is something that they can eat.

Ripping Off the Masters [Nadamucho]

Everyone Was In The French Resistance…Now! is the new project from Art Brut vocalist Eddie Argos and his girlfriend, Dyan Valdes of L.A.’s the Blood Arm.

April 2010

Photo of wounded Iraqis being treated in Jordan used in exhibition [Medicines sans Frontiers]

Latvia: An Angry, Whimpering Baltic Tiger [Bloomberg BusinessWeek]

After years of roaring growth, the tiny Baltic country of 2.2 million was the hardest hit of any in Europe by the economic crisis. Latvians are gunning to fix blame.

An Angry, Whimpering Tiger [Transitions]

RIGA | Six tents are set up in the pedestrian walkway along Brivibas Street in downtown Riga. Large pieces of plastic and thick blankets are stuffed into the tent openings to keep out the cold. Behind the tents, wooden crosses are stuck into coffins sculpted from the snow, symbolizing the death of business and government in Latvia.

Balmorhea: Great Bedmtime Music to Stay Awake To [Nadamucho]

Where’s the music?”

That’s the thought when first listening to Constellations, the latest release from Austin, Texas band Balmorhea.

Photos: Leonid Fedorov: Auktyon Leader Strips Down [Donoschik]

February 2010

Crimea Watch [The New Statesman]

On a typically snowy January day in the port city of Sevastopol, on Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, a handful of residents are marching through the centre of town, their large Russian flags held high. The demonstrators are a mixed bunch: they vary in age between mid-twenties and early seventies, and they represent no one organisation or political group. As they walk, they salute a series of Soviet-era monuments, acknowledging the frequent cheers and honking car horns of passers-by. “We want to improve the mood of the city,” says Tamara Simonovic, one of the marchers. “We want to prove that everyone who lives here is Russian.”

January 2010

Human trafficking photo made into poster [Bridge to Freedom Foundation]

November 2009

A Difficult Moment for Sandzak [The Caravan]

“Everybody thinks I’m crazy for wanting to spend my vacation in Sandzak,” the Serbian photographer Igor Barandovski wrote to me in an e-mail last year. “So if you don’t join, chances are that I’ll travel alone.”

October 2009

The secret of the CCP’s Success [Asia Times]

A photograph ran on the Associated Press wire on September 18 showing a tank rolling down a Beijing street towards Tiananmen Square.

Unlike the more famous photo of a line of tanks being stopped by a single protester during the Tiananmen protests in 1989, the tank in this picture moves unopposed

The Dragon Flies Again [The Caravan]

A few weeks before we met, my friend Jiang was nominated to become a member of the Communist Party of China, the CPC.

She was ecstatic, of course. Joining the CPC was everything that she had ever wanted. She had to celebrate quietly however: the Chinese, she said, are “too reserved”. Emotion was rarely expressed in China. It might be upsetting or cause unfortunate fluxes in a society that was far too large and historically complex for its own good, Jiang said.

September 2009

Wilful Neglect [The Caravan]

It’s a clear hot July day, and the 55 Class VII students from the exclusive Vasant Valley School Vimlendu Jha is leading on a walk along the Yamuna River sigh.  Instead of taking two buses and each having a seat to themselves, they will instead use only one bus and share seats. This may not be their ideal way to travel to a field trip, but Jha isn’t going to let them pollute the air by taking two busses when they are already headed to one of the world’s most polluted rivers.

August 2009

A Vital Borderland[The Caravan]

In Sevastopol I sip sugary tea and listen to babushka Tamara.

The old woman rents me the empty room off her kitchen for six dollars a night and says, “No problems. There are no problems.” She pushes over a plate of cheese and crackers and points to the drooling old dog that rarely moves from a cushion in the corner, but manages a belated yap whenever someone comes to the door. “The dog is information and control,” she says. “I am security.”

On Two Sides of a Short Border [The Caravan]

As much hope people across the world have in the new US president Barack Hussein Obama, there is just as much acknowledgment that the odds are stacked considerably against him. In his now famous Middle East speech made in Cairo last June, Obama promised a new start to relations with the Islamic world. Colonialism, cultural differences, and the spread of globalization are only part of why the Islamic world harbors anger towards the US government however. Their unfaltering if occasionally, at best, admonishing support of Israel constitutes a much stronger part.

May 2009

A House Divided [The Caravan]

When we meet in the town of Mortiya, which lies not far from the Indian border in Nepal’s southern Terai reigon, Ranjit Khadka immediately leads the way to the back corner of a dark canteen and speaks with his voice lowered in case he is overheard.

“They told me, ‘This is our region. You don’t have the right to be here,’” Khadka says.

March 2009

China-Nepal ties reach new heights [Asia Times]

KATHMANDU – This March 10, Nepal proved itself unwilling to allow a repeat of the mass Tibetan demonstrations that were held here from March to September 2008. Although the energy and numbers of last year’s demonstrations surrounding the anniversary of the failed Tibetan uprising and Dalai Lama’s flight into exile were not present this year, Nepalese riot police still took forcible measures to prevent a group of approximately 200 Tibetan demonstrators leaving the Boudha district of Kathmandu. A British activist named Daisy Karen Wood who attempted to dodge police and enter the Chinese Embassy carrying balloons and a Tibetan flag was quickly arrested.


Written by Justin Vela

April 13, 2010 at 7:26 pm

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