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December 2011

Riots in Turkish refugee camps after Syrian duo are sent back  [The Independent]

The future of Islamic banking in Turkey [business new europe]

On the Front Line With Syria’s Free Army [Foreign Policy]

‘Every Syrian has lost someone. Now we are ready to fight back’ [The Independent]

Turkey’s Asian-style growth [business new europe]

Turkey hearing casts spotlight on Gulen [The Beirut Daily Star]

Syrians in Turkey eye uncertain future [The Beirut Daily Star]

Turkey: Has Gülen Movement Replaced Deep State? [EurasiaNet.org]

November 2011

Turkey: Islamic Banking Making Inroads [EurasiaNet.org]

How the Rise of Islamic Banking is Changing Turkey [The Atlantic]

Turkey: Islamic Banking Making Inroads [Business Insider]

EU facing fight as markets draw Italian battle lines [business new europe]

Green start in Turkey [business new europe]

Turkey: Are Turkish Youngsters Too Smart? [EurasiaNet.org]

The New Young Turks: Over-Educated, Tech-Savvy, and Jobless [The Atlantic]

Turkey rejects criticism as current account deficit builds [business new europe]

Syrian rebels carry out first attack in Damascus [The Independent]

Turkey’s FDI potential stirs the passions [business new europe]

Turkey’s backdoor rate rise seen starting to work [business new europe]

October 2011

Syrian colonel plots guerrilla attacks against Assad regime [The Independent]

Turkey – a hero to some, but a bully to others [business new europe]

Turkey: Cartoonist Faces Trial for Asserting that “Religion Is a Lie” [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkey sends 10,000 troops to Iraq border [The Independent]

Turkey launches raid into Iraq after attack by Kurdish rebels [The Independent]

Turkey: Betting on Wind Power, One Village at a Time  [EurasiaNet.org]

Up to 1,000 feared dead in eastern Turkey earthquake [The Independent]

‘We cannot get to survivors fast enough’ [The Independent]

September 2011

Turkey: Ankara Unlikely to Legalize Conscientious Objection to Military Service — Analysts [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkey: Medical Tourism Booming, Offering “Sun and Surgery” [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkey’s ruling control freaks [business new europe]

Three killed, 15 wounded in Turkish car bomb attack [The Telegraph]

BRICKS & MORTAR: Turkey’s real estate boom begins [business new europe]

Turkey gets creative [business new europe]

August 2011

Serbian mufti taps into ethnic tension with Belgrade [Global Post]

US and South Africa strike a deal to unlock $1.5bn of Libyan assets [The Independent]

Turkey’s new monetary policy – contradictory at best [business new europe]

Turkey looks to break import addiction  [business new europe]

Turkey: Iran Casts Shadow Over New Kurdish Strategy [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkey: Young Turks Abroad Returning Home to Chase Economic Dreams [EurasiaNet.org]

 July 2011

Kyrgyzstan: Detained Turkish Terror Suspect Now Unwanted at Home [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkey: Kurds Doubting Promise of Political Fresh Start  [EurasiaNet.org]

West prepares to hand rebels Gaddafi’s billions  [The Independent]

Kyrgyzstan: Where the Restaurants in Osh Have New Names [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkish privatisation: full pipeline [The Financial Times]

Turkey: Can GAP Project Plug an Economic Hole in Kurdish Southeast? [EurasiaNet.org]

June 2011

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan: Is Batken Province Central Asia’s Next Flashpoint? [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkish students plan anti-government protest [The Independent]

Turkey: Financial Center Next Stage in Istanbul’s Overdevelopment  [EurasiaNet.org]

Syrians torn between terror and defiance as regime cracks down [The Independent]

Turkey’s Oldest Political Party Learns to Be Second to One [EurasiaNet.org]

Kyrgyzstan: Islamic Banking Offers Alternative to the “European System” [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkey feels racial tensions as flood of Syrian refugees goes on  [The Independent]

‘They shot people who were trying to get away’ [The Independent]

Truth about ‘massacre’ stays buried as fight for border town goes on [The Independent]

Refugees take flight as troops launch attacks on rebel stronghold [The Independent]

Thousands flee Syria across Turkish border [The Independent]

Turkey hopes for post-election focus on the economy [business new europe]

The Pasha of Novi Pazar [Transitions]

Turkey: How Long Before the Boom Turns to Bust? [EurasiaNet.org]

AKP falls short of overall majority in Turkish elections [business new europe]

Privatisation proceeds in Turkey [business new europe]

May 2011

Kyrgyzstan: Banking on Turkish Trade [EurasiaNet.org]

Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek Detains Asylum-Seeking Turkish Terror Suspect [EurasiaNet.org]

Nato operations in Libya: data journalism breaks down which country does what [The Guardian; contributed Turkey reporting]

April 2011

Turkey’s new financial district brings it a step closer to being a regional business hub [Neweurasia.net]

Istanbul’s financial centre dreams [Business New Europe]

Libya crisis raises Turkey, France tensions [SETimes]

More of the same at Turkey’s central bank [Business New Europe]

Istanbul could be split in two, says Turkish prime minister [The Guardian]

Amid Kurdish discontent, Turkey’s election heats up [SETimes]

March 2011

Libya conflict: reactions around the world [The Guardian] contributed Turkey reporting

Turkey faces challenge in Libya campaign [SETimes]

INTERVIEW: Spreading the message about Islamic finance in the CIS [Business New Europe]

Istanbul’s Tatavla Carnival unites many [SETimes]

The sun rises on Turkey’s Mittelstand [Business New Europe]

No easy business for Turks in Kazakhstan [Business New Europe]

February 2011

Turkey differs on Middle East protests [Southeast European Times]

Politicians: EU dragging its feet on Turkey’s membership [Southeast European Times]

Turkey: a blueprint for Egypt’s democratisation? [Southeast European Times]

Hunting new markets, Turkey finds limits in Middle East turmoil [Business New Europe]

After Mubarak: Is Turkey a model for the Middle East? [Southeast European Times]

Audio story: Istanbul. The place to be [Southeast European Times]

Syria Braces for Protesters’ ‘Day of Rage’ Against Regime [AOL News]

Turkish Cypriots protest austerity measures [Southeast European Times]

January 2011

Turkish Islamic organisations go abroad [Southeast European Times]

Greek Plan to Build Turkish Border Fence Draws Fire [AOL News]

Turkey’s Alevis seek a better deal [Southeast European Times]

Sharia Islamic index added to Istanbul Stock Exchange [Southeast European Times]

Iran Vows No Compromise Ahead of Nuclear Talks [AOL News]

Student’s Porn Film Project Sparks Controversy in Turkey [AOL News]

Many Turks see US as greatest threat [Southeast European Times]

Desperate times, desperate measures in Turkey [Business New Europe]

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January 5, 2011 at 3:22 pm

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