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January 2012

Behind Bars in the Deep State [Foreign Policy]

Turkey’s Asian-style growth [business new europe]

US Republican candidate labels Turkey’s leaders “Islamic terrorists” [business new europe]

IMF worries over Turkey’s “overburdened” monetary policy [business new europe]

Rebels Without a Clue [Foreign Policy]

February 2012

Turkish army sets out to recruit the perfect woman [The Independent]

Turkey’s Bosphorus bridge to be sukuked? [business new europe]

Turkey doubles gold output in 2011 [business new europe]

Voices from inside Homs [The Independent]

Turkey’s relations with Europe take another hit [business new europe]

Turkey-EU relations suffer death by a million cuts [business new europe]

Turkey and Azerbaijan a step closer on Tanap [business new europe]

UN: 100 civilians killed in Syria every day [The Independent]

Red Cross rescue fails as Assad’s tanks roll back into Homs [The Independent]

Syria holds ‘farcical’ poll while violence continues [The Independent]

Rising sectarianism sees Alawites lose their sense of security [The Independent]

Rebel forces armed by wealthy exiles [The Independent]

March 2012

No Refuge [Foreign Policy]

Turkey’s Erdogan lashes out at cancer report [business new europe]

Kofi Annan flies in – but still Homs feels Assad’s rage [The Independent]

Turkey: Syrian Strife Could Have Unsettling Impact on Southern Province [EurasiaNet.org]

BOSPORUS BLOG: What are the Gulen movement’s aspirations? [business new europe]

Annan heads to China with plans to end Syrian conflict [The Independent]

BOSPORUS BLOG: Games and crime in Turkey [business new europe]

Turkey gets into a lather over ‘disgusting’ shampoo advert featuring Adolf Hitler [The Independent]

April 2012

World powers increase backing for an armed Syrian rebellion [The Independent]

BOSPORUS BLOG: Turkey’s tough role in a rough neighbourhood [business new europe]

Turkey’s former president goes on trial for 1980 coup [The Independent]

Turkey: Ankara Engaged in Energy Balancing Act [EurasiaNet.org]

Thousands of displaced Syrians cross to Turkey as time runs out [The Independent]

BOSPORUS BLOG: Winner takes all in Turkey [business new europe]

A Turkish rennaissance [business new europe]

BOSPORUS BLOG: Keep Chinese goods away from the Iraq bazaar! [business new europe]

Turkey a fearless investor in the Middle East [business new europe]

Attacks on Turkey and Lebanon shred Syria peace plan [The Independent]

BRICKS & MORTAR: Turkey puts 2B land up for sale, at last [business new europe]

May 2012

BOSPORUS BLOG: Pamuk’s museum and an Istanbul property tale [business new europe]

Turkish industrial production growth offers (short term) optimism [business new europe]

Cities of Dreams [Wall Street Journal]

Property Made Easy [Wall Street Journal]

Turkey: A Peek Inside a Gulen School [EurasiaNet.org]

INTERVIEW: The lonely life of Turkish Cypriots [business new europe]

Island troubles [business new europe]

BOSPORUS BLOG: Too much of the same in Cyprus [business new europe]

Turkey foils Syrian plot to kidnap rebel leader Riad al-Assad [The Independent]

Inside Turkey’s Secretive, Islamic ‘Gulen’ School Movement [The Atlantic]

Love in the Time of Syrian Revolution [The Atlantic]

‘Abortions are like air strikes on civilians’: Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rant sparks women’s rage [The Independent]

June 2012

The Saudi woman who took on nail polish police [The Independent]

Turkey: Cyprus Gas Drilling Could be Geopolitical Accident Waiting to Happen [EurasiaNet.org]

Pennsylvania-based imam pulling strings in Turkey? [Latitudenews]

Exclusive: Arab states arm rebels as UN talks of Syrian civil war [The Independent]

Taxing times in Turkey [business new europe]

Picturesque Little Cyprus Sparks Yet More Conflict, This Time Over Oil [The Atlantic]

BOSPORUS BLOG: President Erdogan? [business new europe]

Is Turkey Turning Its Back on Atatürk? [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkish plane may have been in Syrian airspace when shot down, says Turkish president Abdullah Gul [The Telegraph]

Syria insists shooting down of Turkish plane was “an accident” [The Telegraph]

Nato showdown as Turkey accuses Syria of downing jet in international airspace [The Independent]

Wave of Syrian defections piles pressure on Assad [The Independent]

Assad talks of a ‘state of war’ as rebels attack [The Independent]

As Turkey Changes, So Does Its View of the Founding National Hero, Atatürk [The Atlantic]

Turkey’s Not Messing Around Anymore [Foreign Policy]

July 2012

Turkey weighs options for dealing with Syria [Washington Post]

Turkish soccer chief guilty, but free [LatitudeNews]

TV host stuns Turkey: ‘I’d let my husband have another wife’ [The Independent]

Ankara: Now About Art, Not Just Atatürk [EurasiaNet.org]

Steppe Sports [Brownbook magazine]

Syrian rebels: ‘I don’t think we need help from a woman from Canada’ [The Globe and Mail]

Assad troops move on Damascus as massacre toll is cut [The Independent]

Syrian refugees on Turkish border offer respite for rebels [The National]

Damascus residents told to flee as military promises ‘violent clashes’ [The National]

Rebels outmanoeuvre Syrian troops to seize border post [The National]

Syrians flee Damascus as Assad launches fightback [The Independent]

FSA hopes seized border post will help civilians escape violence [The National]

Syria post-Assad could be too dangerous to return to: refugees [The National]

Alawites fear they, and not Assad, are the target of rebels [The National]

August 2012

Turkey’s Antakya a refuge for Syrians [The National]

When Syria’s rebel cause has a British accent [The National]

Syrian Bombs Follow Refugees To The ‘Liberated’ City of Azaz [al-Monitor]

In Syria, group suspected of al-Qaeda links gaining prominence in war to topple Assad [Washington Post]

Turkey Photo: Fallout from the Syrian Conflict [EurasiaNet.org]

The Air War in Aleppo [Foreign Policy]

Turkey: Volga Tatar Community Losing Touch with Heritage [EurasiaNet.org]

Interview from Aleppo [BBC]

September 2012

Turkey facing renewed test from Kurdish militants [Washington Post]

Turkey: Sex Education Remains Taboo Topic [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkey’s Men in Syria [Foreign Policy]

Turkey Photo: Inking Ataturk [EurasiaNet.org]

Alawite FSA supporter whose father backs Assad tells of a Syrian family ripped apart [The National]

Turkey Tattoo [Brownbook Magazine]

Three high-ranking officers sentenced to 20 years as legitimacy of evidence is questioned [The Independent]

October 2012

‘The final straw’: Turkey authorises attack on Syria [The Independent]

Tensions persist between Turkey, Syria after cross-border military exchange [Washington Post]

Turkey urged to step back from brink of war with Syria [The Telegraph]

Turkish village mourns family killed by Syrian mortars [The National]

Turkey scrambles fighter jets as fighting threatens to engulf Syrian border [The Telegraph]

Holding Civil Society Workshops While Syria Burns [Foreign Policy]

Turkey scrambles jets over regime helicopter [The National]

Syria’s war threatens to engulf Turkish border towns [The National]

Turkey scrambles fighter jets as fighting threatens to engulf Syrian border  [The Telegraph]

Emerging From the Shadows [Brownbook Magazine]

Turkey: Ankara Surveys the Boundary Between Journalism and Advocacy [EurasiaNet.org]

November 2012

Turkey: Istanbul Mosque Debate about Democracy or Islam? [EurasiaNet.org]

Syrian Armenians: ‘Our enemy’s flag made us happy, but ashamed [The National]

Iran may look north to skirt US sanctions [The National]

Syrian jets bomb border area that is home to refugees, rebel fighters [Washington Post]

Erdogan rises to forefront of regional stage [Daily Star]

Syria’s war exposes fault lines of sectarian divisions [The National]

Syria’s rebels are winning ground war [The National]

In Syria, clashes between Arab rebels, Kurds [Washington Post]

December 2012

Turkish TV channel fined for ‘The Simpsons’ blasphemy episode [The Telegraph]

PHOTOS: Armenia Embraces Syrians, Warily [The Wall Street Journal]

PHOTOS: Winning Move: Chess Reigns as Kingly Pursuit in Armenia [The Wall Street Journal]

Damascus runs out of bread as winter approaches [The National]

Kurds in Istanbul [al-Monitor]

The Most Dangerous Beat on Earth [Foreign Policy]


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December 28, 2011 at 12:26 pm

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