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January 2014

Turkey’s president seeks to calm country’s political war [The National]

Gaza flotilla charity targeted in Turkey power tussle [The National]

Assad regime set free extremists from prison to fire up trouble during peaceful uprising [The National]

Kurdish oil flow raises the stakes for Maliki [The National]

February 2014

Abbas pressures Israel with Nato security proposal [The National]

March 2014

Blood ties: the shadowy member of the Assad clan who ignited the Syrian conflict [The National]

The man who ignited the Syrian revolution [The National]

GCC ambassadors withdrawal from Qatar highlights regional differences [The National]

After Turkish elections, what future for opponents of Erdogan? [The National]

Erdogan critic fears retaliation if he returns to Turkey [The National]

April 2014

Brotherhood imam skips Doha sermon, but more needed for GCC to reconcile [The National]

Some pressing questions for Afghanistan’s next president [The National]

Saudi Prince Bandar promised a victory he could not deliver [The National]

 Saudi Arabia becomes world’s fourth biggest military spender [The National]

Algeria leader promised security but ‘attacks never stopped’ [The National]

May 2014

Qatar to launch Al Jazeera counterweight [The National]

June 2014

Libyans head to the polls, but what does the future hold? [The National]

July 2014

Could the Gaza conflict help thaw GCC relations?  [The National]

August 2014

National correspondent is arrested in Iran [The National]

Saudi Arabia hosts crisis talks over Islamic State [The National]

September 2014

Saudi Arabia tightens security to keep Haj pilgrims safe [The National]

Saudi prince flew jet in Syria ISIL attacks [The National]

October 2014

Iran says Saudi comments ‘contradict diplomatic negotiations’ [The National]

Kuwait faces challenge in curbing terror financing [The National]

The GCC finds new meaning amid year of turmoil [The National]

Kuwaiti man brings comic relief to Syrian refugees [The National]

January 2013

Turkey Photos: PKK Talks Renew After 28 Years, 40,000 Dead [EurasiaNet.org]


Turkey: Denying Prisoners Medical Access as Disciplining Tool? [EurasiaNet.org]

Doing business in Turkey: no easy ride for foreign entrepreneurs [The Financial Times]

February 2013

Spouse IDs missing Staten Island woman as case of her Istanbul killing takes bizarre turn [New York Daily News]

Syrian rebels open US lobbying agency [The National]

Syria’s Al Qaeda-linked militants gain hearts by providing food [The National]

Rebel truce with Kurds is shaky, say experts [The National]

Give Me Shelter [Foreign Policy]

March 2013

Turkish defence industry aims high [The Financial Times]

A Government in Search of a Country [Foreign Policy]

Kurdish youth ponder the prospect of peace [The National]

PKK leader raises hopes of end of conflict with Turkey [The Telegraph]

Ocalan tells Kurds to down arms [The National]

Obama ends Israel visit by brokering end to dispute with Turkey [Washington Post]

April 2013

Turkey: Does Ankara Hold the Key to Ending Cyprus Financial Woes? [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkey: How Durable is Gülen Movement? [EurasiaNet.org]

May 2013

Zorlu targets renewables and coal over gas [Platts]

Georgia: Gülen Schools Flourishing [EurasiaNet.org]

Exploding the Rules [Brownbook]

Turkmenistan: Arkadag’s Day at the Races Redux [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkmenistan: Berdymukhamedov Takes Tumble [EurasiaNet.org]

Bombings raise fresh suspicions about scope of Syria’s spy activities in Turkey [The National]

Syria’s civil war spills into Turkey after two deadly car bombs [The Telegraph]

Turkey to restrict sale and advertising of alcohol [The Telegraph]

Bashar al-Assad dares foes to take him on [The Telegraph]

Britain criticised over EU split as Syria arms ban is lifted  [The Telegraph]

June 2013

Turkey: Protests Taking New Shape  [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkish protesters send a message to Erdogan [The National] *contributed reporting

Analysis: Turkey tumult and its consequences [al-Jazeera]

Turkish officials side with Erdogan to advance career [The National]

Mother of Turkish protester killed in Ankara: ‘Erdogan must resign’ [The Telegraph]

Turkey: Recep Tayyip Erdogan issues ‘last warning’ to protesters [The Telegraph]

Turkey: Protests Reverberate in Anatolian Heartland [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkish prime minister opens talks to defuse mass protests [The Telegraph]

Turkey crisis: clashes erupt as police attempt to clear Taksim Square [The Telegraph]

Supporters back Erdogan to ride out protests [The National]

Turkish protest leaders meet Erdogan deputy as turmoil continues [Washington Post]

Of Taksim and Tantuni [Roads & Kingdoms]

Turkish protests show depth of anger against Erdogan [Washington Post]

Turkey: Where Will the Protest Movement Go? [EurasiaNet.org]

Erdogan denounces protesters as thousands return to Taksim [The National]

The Struggle for the Heart of Istanbul [Foreign Policy]

Turkey: Will Tourism Prove Another Victim of Police Violence? [EurasiaNet.org]

The Syrian Supply Chain [Foreign Policy]

July 2013

Turkey: From Project to Project, from Protest to Protest [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkish forces’ tactics under scrutiny as protest [The National]

Police find British schoolgirl after four days on the run with Turkish barman [The Telegraph]

Turkey: Protests Can’t Alter Ankara’s Syria Policy [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkey clears bird of spying for Israel [The Telegraph]

August 2013

Ergenekon davası: ‘Türk tarzı adalet’ [BBC Turkce]

Turkey: When Erdoğan Looks at Egypt’s Morsi, Does He See Himself? [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkey: Gezi Park Coverage Costing Journalists Their Jobs [EurasiaNet.org]

Turkey’s ex-army chief sentenced to life in prison for coup plot [The Telegraph]

Former head of Turkish army is one of 17 jailed for life over ‘Deep State’ coup plot [The Independent]

Nasıl Gelişti?Ergenekon kararları: İlker Başbuğ, Tuncay Özkan müebbet, Balbay 34 yıl, Haberal 12 yıl [BBC Turkce] *photos

Analysis: Turkey’s divisive Ergenekon trial [al-Jazeera]

A Small Salvation: Justin on Turkey’s Political Turmoil and the New Evens Album [NadaMucho]

Turkey: What Future For Coal Mining? [EurasiaNet.org]

Erdogan’s presidential ambitions [al-Jazeera]

September 2013

Turkey: Could US bombing of Syria Sidetrack Kurdish Peace Process? [EurasiaNet.org]

UN weapons inspectors to release report on Syrian chemical weapons next week [The National]

Turkey: Tea farming to be privatized? [EurasiaNet.org]

Syrian rebel groups sought sarin gas material, Turkish prosecutors say [L.A. Times] *contributed reporting

Turkey’s young people politicized by fears of Islamist influence [NBC]

Turkey: Spy Agency a Key Partner for Prime Minister Erdoğan [EurasiaNet.org]

December 2013

Former Assad official Makdissi backs ‘third way’ for Syria’s silent majority [The National]

Erdogan expected to bounce back from corruption probe blow [The National]


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December 29, 2012 at 1:50 am

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